What am I gonna do when I’ve gotten over you?

When these tears no longer stain my cheeks of blue?

I’ll rise from the ashes like a phoenix anew,

Discovering a version of myself that’s true.

What am I gonna be when you’re just a memory?

A soul unburdened, finally set free.

I’ll spread my wings and soar to heights unknown,

Embracing the world with a heart that’s grown.

No longer confined by the weight of your name,

I’ll dance through life, a flame that cannot be tamed.

I’ll find solace in the whispers of the breeze,

And paint the sky with newfound dreams and peace.

What am I gonna do when I’ve let you go?

I’ll reclaim my spirit, let it radiantly glow.

I’ll rediscover passions buried deep within,

And embark on a journey where I always win.

The scars you left behind will fade in time,

Replaced by resilience, a strength so sublime.

I’ll be the masterpiece painted on life’s canvas,

A testament to the power of self-enhancement.

So, what am I gonna do when I’ve moved on?

I’ll write my own story, a tale of being strong.

I’ll find joy in the simplest moments of each day,

And bask in the love that comes my way.

I’ll be a warrior, a survivor, unyielding and true,

With lessons learned from the pain of losing you.

And when I look back at the memories we shared,

I’ll smile, knowing I’ve become someone who dared.

What am I gonna do when I’ve gotten over you?

I’ll be the person I was always meant to pursue.

A soul reborn, embracing life’s symphony,

What I’m gonna be is everything I’m meant to be.