In the tapestry of life, I stand tall,  

Defined by choices, not by where I fall.  

Not my circumstances, but decisions I make,  

Shape my destiny, with each step I take.  

Through trials and tribulations, I find my way,  

Embracing challenges, come what may.  

For in the crucible of time, I see,  

I am the architect of my own reality.  

With courage and resolve, I pave my path,  

Facing the storm, feeling its wrath.  

Yet in the midst of chaos, I remain free,  

For I am the sum of my decisions, you see.  

So let me rise above the tides of fate,  

Embracing change, with a heart so great.  

For in the end, it’s not where I begin,  

But the choices I make that define my win.  

I am the author of my own story,  

Crafting my future with vision and glory.  

Not my circumstances shall hold me back,  

For I am the master of my own track.  

So let me march on with unwavering stance,  

For I am the sum of my decisions, not my circumstances.