Navigating single parenthood requires significant strength and resilience. It brings forth various challenges, and I acknowledge that the decision to embark on this journey has been my own.I generally focus on the positive aspects of life, but there are days when the weight of managing everything on my own takes its toll. I strive to lead a life free from judgment, refraining from forming opinions about others. I hold the belief that others should grant me the same consideration. In essence, the golden rule applies: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Hard work is a cornerstone of my life. I am unfamiliar with the experience of not having to work. For those fortunate enough to be exempt from employment, I extend my congratulations. My concern arises when those who do not work cast unwarranted criticism upon those who do.I fulfill the roles of both mother and father, tend to the garden, maintain the house, care for the children, and occasionally even tackle plumbing issues. All of this is coupled with being the sole breadwinner (no need for accolades). By comparison, some women are solely responsible for caring for their children outside of school hours. Please understand if I cannot attend every single event or activity.

It’s disheartening to be judged by women who seemingly have boundless free time: morning routines, school drop-offs, gym visits, spa appointments, social gatherings over coffee or tea, shopping, and even marital duties, which they might not fulfill properly. It’s disappointing to discover some are engrossed in extramarital affairs or pay for such encounters. Without succumbing to bitterness, all I wish to convey to these women is to handle their responsibilities. It’s important not to feign understanding of my life’s challenges. I doubt many could endure even a week in my shoes, let alone maintain a positive perspective on volunteering for school-related matters.There, I find a sense of relief in expressing these sentiments.Warm holiday wishes,