Upon returning home from a trip to LA, I was met with an unexpected calamity: my water heater had sprung a leak, inundating both of my children’s bedrooms. The trials continued as I navigated the labyrinthine process of dealing with my insurance company, AAA, who seemed determined to deny my claim. Frustration mounted as the days passed while they dragged their feet, leaving us displaced and seeking refuge in an economy hotel for over a week. To say the least, the situation was far from ideal.Tired of the back-and-forth with the insurance company, I decided to take matters into my own hands and hired a plumber to install a new water heater temporarily. The prospect of enduring another day cooped up with my energetic children in a hotel room was simply not an option – my patience was wearing thin, and I didn’t want to find myself making headlines on the six o’clock news. Kudos to my mother for equipping me with tools to manage such situations. Growing up in a devout Roman Catholic household with mandatory evening prayer rituals, I learned the art of acceptance and found solace in humor, perhaps a valuable lesson in irony.The need for a respite was clear. Leveraging my newfound role as the Social Media Queen, I was actively engaged in sharing my daily musings, formerly known as “tweeting.” Among my favorite comedians was Colin Kane. Serendipity struck as he announced a live Q&A session for the next half hour. On a whim, I requested his hand in marriage, to which he humorously responded, “Shouldn’t we meet first?” He even extended a gracious offer: a complimentary ticket to his performance in San Francisco on the 16th and 17th. I accepted, playfully identifying myself as the woman in white.Colin Kane’s show is a gem worth witnessing. Beyond his striking appearance, his material is refreshingly raw and unfiltered. Evolving from the blue into the realm of the purple, he seamlessly navigates the realm of insult comedy, engaging in unrestricted discourse on various topics. His mastery of improvisation draws the audience into a rollercoaster of taboo subjects, leaving them simultaneously shocked and fulfilled by the time the curtain falls. There are no boundaries, no topics deemed off-limits. I was captivated, attending two of his shows. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing his act firsthand.Laughter holds the power to trigger a cascade of positive physiological responses within the body, from boosting the immune system to improving circulation and reducing blood pressure. Worries and nagging thoughts that dominate our every moment are momentarily displaced, granting us respite – however brief. An evening spent in the company of laughter is an evening well spent.As I contemplate the humorous twists of fate, I find myself wondering what escapade the contractor has in store for me today. Life, it seems, is best navigated with a healthy dose of humor and an unwavering spirit.