In the depths of twilight’s fading hue,

I pondered, dear, what am I gonna do?

When you become a wistful memory,

A whisper lost upon the winds of reverie.

Once, your presence filled my every day,

A guiding star, illuminating my way.

But now, fate’s hand has led us astray,

Leaving me to wander, lost and gray.

What am I gonna do when you’re just a memory?

When thoughts of you become my sole treasury,

The laughter shared, the moments we knew,

Fading like footprints in the morning dew.

Shall I wrap myself in the cloak of sorrow,

Or seek solace in a bright tomorrow?

Can I erase the echoes of your laughter,

And find solace in the morning’s hereafter?

But, dear heart, I’ll find strength in the pain,

For memories etched are not in vain.

Within my soul, your essence shall reside,

A beacon of love that will never subside.

I’ll cherish each moment we shared in time,

A tapestry woven, sublime and divine.

Though you may drift beyond my reach,

Your memory, forever, my heart will beseech.

So, what am I gonna do when you’re just a memory?

I’ll hold you close, in the depths of reverie.

For even as time sweeps us apart,

You’ll forever reside within my heart.

And when life’s journey brings me to the end,

I’ll find solace knowing, dear, we transcend.

In the tapestry of this love’s story,

You’ll forever be more than just a memory.