In a world so cruel, where darkness may reside,

Not everyone’s heart will match the warmth inside.

But fear not, dear soul, for you possess a light,

A kind-hearted spirit that shines through the night.

Not everyone shall comprehend your worth,

Or fathom the depth of your love’s rebirth.

Unappreciated, your efforts may seem,

Yet remember, your kindness is like a gleam.

It won’t be easy, navigating this terrain,

Where compassion is scarce, and empathy wanes.

But be prepared, my friend, for what lies ahead,

For your heart shall triumph, despite what is said.

Hold steadfast to your values, unwavering and strong,

For your compassion shall guide you, all along.

When the world seems cold, and compassion feels rare,

Your love will be a beacon, a solace, a prayer.

Embrace the challenges, though they may seem tough,

For it’s through adversity, we find our truest stuff.

Not everyone will have the heart you have,

But let it be your strength, not a burden to bear.

For in the depths of darkness, your light shall ignite,

A flame of kindness, burning ever so bright.

So be prepared, dear soul, for the path you tread,

For your kind heart shall prevail, no matter what’s said.