Realm of Eternal Dreams

So, come with me, where dreams are born,

Where time is never planned, forlorn.

A  place  where hopes take gentle flight,

In a tapestry of stars, shining bright.

Leave behind the ticking hands of the clock,

Embrace the magic with each step we walk.

Beyond the borders of reality’s hold,

Where imagination weaves stories untold.

In this enchanted land, where dreams reside,

We’ll wander freely, side by side.

Amongst the whispers of the ancient trees,

And the laughter carried on the breeze.

No constraints of minutes or hours to bind,

Just infinite moments, yours and mine.

Where wishes shimmer and fantasies bloom,

In this sanctuary, where impossibilities loom.

Together we’ll dance on moonlit beams,

Painting the sky with our wildest dreams.

Unfettered by the chains of time’s decree,

We’ll bask in the beauty of eternity.

So, come with me, let your spirit take flight,

In this realm where dreams burn bright.

Where time is but a fleeting notion,

And our souls find solace in endless devotion.

For here, in this place of pure delight,

We’ll create a symphony of starry nights.

Where dreams are born, and time stands still,

In a world where love and wonder fulfill.