Tapestry Of Emotions

In the realm of words, I shall weave a verse,

A tapestry of emotions, a love immersed.

Take my loving heart, dear one, I implore,

For it was meant to find you, forevermore.

Within its depths, a passion pure and true,

A symphony of feelings, crafted just for you.

Take my loving heart, hold it close and tight,

In its tender beats, love’s eternal light.

This heart won’t do you wrong, I solemnly swear,

It yearns to be cherished, free from any despair.

Take my loving heart, let it be your guide,

In its depths, a love that shall never subside.

With every beat, it whispers a tender plea,

Please be kind to this love, set it forever free.

Take my loving heart, where love rightly belongs,

In a world where affection sweetly throngs.

For you, my dear, this heart beats strong and true,

A gift of love, a token meant only for you.

Take my loving heart, embrace its tender art,

And let it dance with yours, never to depart.

In the tapestry of love, let our souls entwine,

Two hearts united, in a love so divine.

Take my loving heart, let it forever be,

A testament to the love we both shall see.