In the space  of hearts, where love takes flight,

A tale unfolds, a beacon of light.

Find someone who, with eyes so keen,

Sees the beauty in your soul, pristine.

A soul, a vessel, intricate and rare,

With depths untold, a universe to share.

Seek that soul who gazes deep within,

And adores you, flaws and all, my kin.

For in their eyes, a mirror divine,

Lies the truth, a reflection so fine.

They’ll cherish your essence, every part,

And embrace the canvas of your heart.

In their presence, doubts start to fade,

As they celebrate the symphony you’ve made.

They’ll appreciate the colors you wear,

And find solace in the shadows you bear.

Their love, a balm, a sweet embrace,

Fills your spirit with warmth and grace.

For they see beyond the veil of disguise,

And know your worth, no need for disguise.

So let your soul dance, unburdened and free,

For in their eyes, your worth you’ll see.

Find someone who adores you, my friend,

And in their love, a story shall transcend.