In the world  of love, where emotions sway,

I find myself caught in a bittersweet play.

Even if I knew the day we met,

You’d be the reason this heart breaks, I bet.

But oh, dear soul, I’d choose you still,

For love’s allure has a captivating thrill.

If fate dared to turn its cruel hand,

And you turned your back, walked away, unplanned,

Not a thing about the way I feel would change,

For in my heart, your essence would forever range.

Through the trials of love, its joys and its despair,

I’d hold on to the memories we both would share.

For love, my friend, is a curious dance,

Where hearts entwine, taking a chance.

And though the pain may find its way,

In your presence, I’d find solace each day.

I’d cherish the moments, both tender and tough,

Knowing that love can be stormy and rough.

For even if I knew the pain that may ensue,

I’d choose to love you, I’d choose to pursue.

For love, you see, is a paradoxical art,

It holds the power to mend and tear us apart.

So, even if I knew the day we met,

You’d be the reason this heart breaks, I bet.

Oh, I’d love you anyway, with all your flaws,

For it’s the imperfections that love deeply draws.

And if you turned your back on me and walked away,

My feelings would stay steadfast, come what may.

For in the tapestry of love, we find our worth,

Through the melodies of joy and the trials of dearth.

So, even if heartbreak were to knock on my door,

I’d choose to love you, forevermore.