In a world where darkness often dwells,

Where hearts are shackled by envious spells,

There lies a truth, a radiant ray,

That true confidence keeps such shadows at bay.

For true confidence has no room for jealousy,

Nor does it dance with envy’s treacherous glee.

In the light of self-assurance, it finds its ground,

And in its warmth, true beauty is found.

When you know your worth, oh, what a sight,

No reason to hate, no need for spite.

For in the mirror of your soul, you see,

A reflection of strength and possibility.

The seeds of comparison, they wither and fade,

As you embrace the uniqueness that you’ve made.

No longer a prisoner to others’ success,

Your path, your journey, no need to digress.

For envy is a poison, a venomous brew,

That taints the heart and blinds the view.

But true confidence, a serene melody,

Plays harmonies of self-love so gracefully.

With every step, you rise above the fray,

In the realm of self-assurance, you hold sway.

Embracing your flaws, your quirks, your grace,

A symphony of authenticity, you embrace.

So let the winds of jealousy blow on by,

In the shelter of confidence, you shall fly.

For when you know your worth, you’ll come to find,

A love for yourself that’s beautifully aligned.

No room for hate, no reason to compare,

In the garden of self-worth, you tend with care.

And as you bloom, others will see,

The radiance of true confidence, so free.

So let your heart be filled with love and light,

Embrace your worth, shine with all your might.

For true confidence knows no bounds,

And in its embrace, true joy resounds.