In a world that’s vast and ever-changing,

Where dreams and hopes are rearranging,

Find your place amidst the chatter,

Embrace the journey, and let it matter.

Do what makes your heart dance and sing,

Unleash your spirit, let it take wing.

Spread your wings, oh, fearless soul,

And let your passions guide you whole.

Soar high, above the cloudscape’s reach,

With aspirations that dare to breach

The limits that confine your mind,

For in the boundless sky, you’ll find.

Yet remember, dear traveler of life,

In the grand tapestry of joy and strife,

That all things fade, as seasons go,

In the end, none of it will truly show.

Live each moment with a vibrant hue,

Laugh with abandon, let your spirit renew.

And above all else, keep loving true,

For love is the essence that will carry you through.

In the face of time’s relentless pace,

Cherish the beauty, embrace its grace.

For when the final chapter is read,

Love and laughter are what’s truly spread.

So find your place, do what makes you glad,

Spread your wings, and let your heart be clad

In a love that’s boundless, pure, and free,

For in the end, that’s what truly matters, you see.