Every day I will love you better,

With a love unyielding, like an eternal flame,

For you stole my heart and changed it,

Took all my plans and rearranged them, dear dame.

In your presence, my world transformed,

Like a canvas painted with vibrant hues,

You infused my life with newfound meaning,

And in your embrace, my soul found its muse.

You stole my heart with gentle whispers,

With tender touches and a captivating smile,

And in that stolen moment, my love,

You made my heart dance and sing in style.

You changed it, oh, how you rearranged it,

The beats now sync to a different tune,

You filled the gaps with your sweet essence,

And turned my heart into a love cocoon.

Gone are the days of solitude and longing,

For you brought love’s symphony to my door,

And now, with each passing day, my darling,

I’ll love you better than the day before.

Together we’ll journey through life’s winding paths,

Hand in hand, facing the unknown together,

With a love that grows with every sunrise,

Our hearts entwined, bound forever.

So, my love, know this without a doubt,

Every day I’ll strive to love you more,

For you stole my heart and rearranged it,

And in your arms, my soul has found its core.