I tried to buy your pretty heart,

But the price is too high, a work of art.

With pockets full of fleeting dreams,

I reached out, hoping to redeem.

I searched for coins, both gold and silver,

To prove my love, my heart’s deliver.

Yet, your heart’s worth defied my grasp,

A treasure hidden, an elusive clasp.

I offered riches, gems untold,

A castle grand, a crown of gold.

But you, my love, remained unmoved,

By lavish gifts, you were not wooed.

For in your eyes, I saw the truth,

Love cannot be bought, a priceless youth.

No wealth or fame could mend the rift,

That separates souls, a heartfelt gift.

The cost of love cannot be measured,

In material gains, it’s not tethered.

It blooms in moments, simple and pure,

A tender touch, a love so sure.

So, I release my hold on greed,

And realize love’s not a deed.

I’ll cherish you with all my might,

With love untarnished, burning bright.

For your heart’s worth exceeds all wealth,

A priceless gem, a love for self.

No price can bind, no riches can claim,

The love we share, an eternal flame.