In the realm of melodies that echo through my soul,

A poet’s words, a tale untold, begin to take their toll.

Bob Dylan, a legend, his sonorous voice does ring,

A lyricist supreme, where timeless verses sing.

“I’ll remember you,” his song once spoke,

“When I have forgotten all the rest,” he invoked.

In those simple words, a profound truth unfolds,

A testament to love, as life’s narrative unfolds.

For memories may fade, like whispers in the night,

Yet, certain souls endure, shining ever bright.

When the sands of time lay claim to all we possess,

Some bonds, unbreakable, withstand the test.

Through the passage of years, as seasons come and go,

Your presence, my dear, forever in my heart will glow.

Like a beacon in the dark, a steadfast guiding light,

You remain etched in my spirit, forever in sight.

When the world turns cold, and shadows cast their spell,

Your warmth, your essence, in my thoughts shall dwell.

Though the winds of change may sweep away the rest,

Your love, unwavering, will forever be my crest.

In melodies and verses, your memory finds its place,

A cherished treasure, a smile upon my face.

As Bob Dylan’s song once said, with heartfelt truth,

“I’ll remember you,” my friend, in eternal youth.

So, let the tides of time wash away the fleeting years,

In the tapestry of my heart, you’ll banish all my fears.

For when all else fades, when memories turn to gray,

I’ll remember you, my friend, until my dying day.