Words of Love Forever To Hide 

In the depths of my soul, a flame burns bright,

A secret longing, hidden from sight.

For in my heart, emotions reside,

Words of love, forever to hide.

I yearn to whisper, to confess my desire,

But fear holds me back, like a smothering fire.

For these words, so precious and true,

I’ll keep them locked away, known only to few.

I love, oh, how deeply I do,

But my lips shall never reveal this to you.

For in the shadows, my feelings reside,

A bittersweet secret, forever to hide.

Silent echoes of affection untold,

Like fragile petals, in my heart they unfold.

Through stolen glances, my longing takes flight,

Yet my tongue remains still, sealing it tight.

They dance in my dreams, these words unspoken,

A love forbidden, forever unbroken.

For to utter them aloud would shatter the spell,

Leaving nothing but longing, an empty shell.

So I’ll cherish this secret, my heart’s silent plea,

Knowing you’ll never hear my love’s decree.

But the love that I hold, though hidden from view,

Shall forever be mine, known only to few.

In the depths of my soul, this secret shall remain,

A love untold, a silent refrain.

For I love, oh, how deeply I do,

But these words, my dear, I’ll never utter to you.