In the realm of poetic dreams, I shall weave,

A tapestry of words, where emotions breathe.

With the essence you possess, so tender and true,

I’ll paint a portrait of love, forever anew.

The smell of your skin, a fragrant bouquet,

A blend of roses, whispers of jasmine at play.

It lingers in the air, a sweet intoxication,

Drawing me closer, igniting my imagination.

The taste of your kiss, a sublime delight,

A symphony of flavors, dancing through the night.

A hint of honey, a touch of summer’s breeze,

A feast for the senses, bringing me to my knees.

The sound of your voice, a melodic refrain,

A gentle melody, soothing every ounce of pain.

Like a songbird’s serenade, it enchants my soul,

Guiding me through darkness, making me whole.

Together they entwine, a harmonious embrace,

Creating a masterpiece, a love story in space.

The smell of your skin, the taste of your kiss,

The sound of your voice, an eternal bliss.

So let these words echo, in the depths of your heart,

A testament of love, a bond that shall never depart.

For in the realm of poetic dreams, forever we’ll reside,

Where the senses intertwine, our love shall forever abide.