Yes, you dummy, I’m in love with you,

A feeling so deep, so pure and true.

I can’t help but text you non-stop,

My heart skipping beats, refusing to flop.

Each message exchanged fills me with delight,

I smile and laugh, my spirits take flight.

Love was just a word, a concept unclear,

But meeting you erased all doubt and fear.

Your presence brightens up my darkest days,

Your words wrap me in a warm, gentle haze.

I never knew love could feel this way,

A symphony of emotions, a grand display.

You’ve become the rhythm to my beating heart,

The melody that plays right from the start.

In your eyes, I see a world of dreams,

A love so real, bursting at the seams.

Yes, you dummy, my feelings are true,

They flow like a river, they’re painted in blue.

I cherish the moments we spend together,

For in your arms, I’ve found my forever.

So, let me be a fool, a lovesick fool,

Lost in the magic of this newfound jewel.

Yes, I’m in love, and it’s all because of you,

You’ve shown me a love I never knew.