In the realm of hearts, where dreams reside,

A moment approaches, where fate collides.

Anticipation dances in the gentle breeze,

As love’s sweet ember ignites, a tender tease.

Within my soul, a fluttering thrill unfurls,

Like a symphony played by enchanted pearls.

Eyes like stars, sparkling with hopes untold,

As destiny weaves its tale, a story to unfold.

In the tapestry of time, our paths align,

Two souls adrift, yearning to intertwine.

Every beat of my heart, a drumming refrain,

Leading me closer, where love shall reign.

Minutes stretch like hours, time’s elusive game,

Yet my spirit soars, aflame with passion’s flame.

Imaginations wander, painting visions so bright,

As whispers of enchantment fill the moonlit night.

In my mind’s canvas, I paint your face,

With colors of longing, and delicate grace.

Silken words, precursors to our first embrace,

A symphony of souls, dancing in love’s space.

The air grows electric, with infinite charm,

As destiny orchestrates our hearts’ warm disarm.

Butterflies pirouette, as I step through the door,

Into the realm of possibilities, forevermore.

At last, our eyes meet, and time stands still,

In that single glance, a destiny to fulfill.

Words tremble on lips, eager to be spoken,

In this timeless moment, our spirits are awoken.

The symphony swells, as we take that first stride,

Two souls converging, with love as their guide.

With every word exchanged, connection takes flight,

Building bridges of tenderness, lasting through the night.

In this dance of souls, the universe conspires,

To ignite the flames of passion, love’s eternal fires.

Anticipation fades, replaced by a love so true,

As we embark on a journey, just me and you.

So let us embrace this moment, this divine chance,

Two hearts entwined in an ethereal dance.

For in the anticipation of love’s sweet inception,

We find a love story, beyond all perception.