In a realm where hearts entwine,

There dwells a man, a tale malign.

Five women grace his winding path,

Yet a bond with one, his heart hath.

Like petals scattered by the breeze,

He walks a tightrope, with unease.

Each woman holds a piece, ’tis true,

But none can claim his soul anew.

The first, a flame that burns so bright,

Igniting passion, day and night.

In her arms, he finds desire’s heat,

Yet love’s foundation feels incomplete.

The second, gentle as a breeze,

Brings solace, whispers of sweet peace.

With her, he laughs and shares his dreams,

Yet their connection, fragile it seems.

The third, a muse of boundless grace,

Inspires him to reach and embrace.

She stirs his mind, his thoughts take flight,

But their depths remain just out of sight.

The fourth, a friend, a soul’s confidant,

With her, he finds a love so fond.

Through laughter and tears, they navigate,

Yet a lover’s bond, they cannot create.

The fifth, a mystery untamed,

Her allure, like wildfire unrestrained.

But in her enigma, he cannot find,

A love that binds, to ease his mind.

Oh, this man, fragmented heart in hand,

Spreads himself thin, across love’s vast expanse.

His affections, scattered far and wide,

But a true connection, he cannot decide.

For love, dear friend, is not a game,

To play with hearts, to scatter, to maim.

It yearns for depth, for roots to grow,

A single bond, where souls may know.

So, let this tale be a solemn plea,

To choose one love, and set hearts free.

For in the end, a fragmented heart,

Finds solace in unity, a brand-new start.