In your love’s sweet embrace,

Where emotions bloom and find their place,

I find myself drawn closer to you,

With each passing day, my love, it’s true.

In the rhythm of your breath, so sweet,

I sing a melody, our hearts do meet,

As spring awakens in nature’s delight,

Our love blossoms, a radiant sight.

A falling star, a celestial sign,

Yet, amidst it all, our love aligns,

Tell me, darling, where shall we be,

In this vast world, why care, you see?

Perhaps it’s because I love you so,

That I feel the urge to spread and grow,

To soar higher, like a bird in flight,

Come, fly with me, let’s touch the height.

For the world may seem a bit insane,

But without your love, it’s all in vain,

Just a single song, to stir the soul,

To blur the lines that make us whole.

Within and without, a fusion of two,

Let’s fly, my love, together we’ll pursue,

Rising higher, transcending the norm,

In this mad world, our love takes form.

And if love’s presence should ever wane,

Just a single song, to heal the pain,

To make sense of chaos, let it be,

Both inside and outside, you and me.

Yet, amidst the strangeness that we find,

In this ballad, a truth we shall unwind,

For this, my love, is no ordinary tune,

It’s a symphony, a love’s sweet boon.

Maybe it’s because I love you, dear,

In a world that trembles, I hold you near,

If the world crumbles, we shall move on,

For our love, my darling, remains strong.

So hold me tight, stay close to my side,

In this beauty, love’s truth does reside,

It feels surreal, yet it’s oh so true,

This love I have, my heart, it’s for you.