Island’s  Embrace: A Week of Discovery 

A  week to remember, beneath the sun’s golden gleam,

Amidst swaying palm trees, I found love’s sweet dream,

The touch of your skin, ignited a fire within,

A tender sensation, where passion would begin.

Your gentle kisses, like whispers in the breeze,

Unleashed desires, brought me to my knees,

In out-of-body moments, my soul took flight,

Lost in your touch  where only love feels right.

Maui, the island of love, where hope found  its way,

Renewed my spirit, with each passing day,

I walked the shores, with love in my stride,

Embracing the magic, that couldn’t be denied.

I wandered, on the sandy shore,

My footprints entwined, forevermore,

The stars above witnessed our  bodies  sweet refrain,

As we surrendered to passion, releasing all pain.

With each dawn, our passions flame burned bright,

A dance of emotion, in heavenly light,

In your arms, I discovered a love that won’t sever,

A bond unbreakable, cherished now and forever.

A week to remember, etched in my soul’s core,

Where love’s sweet melody forever will soar,

Maui, the island of love, where our bodies intertwined,

In this sacred embrace, our  bodies  we defined.

Let these memories be eternally cherished, my dear,

For in your embrace, I found friendship so sincere,

Where in a perfect world dreams became reality, right from the start.