in the depths of longing, a question is posed,

A choice that tugs at the heart, where love once rose.

Would you rather cling to an unattainable dream,

Or embrace a love that falls short, it may seem?

Oh, the ache of yearning for a love unfulfilled,

The sweet torment of desires that won’t be stilled.

To yearn for their touch, their whisper, their smile,

Yet knowing they’re distant, separated by miles.

But would you trade such longing for a love that’s near,

A love that lacks passion, where desires disappear?

To settle for a union devoid of true flames,

As your heart remains bound, caught in love’s cruel games.

To be with the one you love, yet cannot hold,

Is to dance in shadows, in stories untold.

But to be with the one you have, without love’s grace,

Is to wander a barren land, a soul misplaced.

For passion’s fire, though it burns and consumes,

Is the very elixir that makes love bloom.

To love without limits, to feel deep within,

Is a treasure worth seeking, a journey to begin.

So, I say, let your heart guide you on this path,

Choose the one who ignites your soul’s sweet wrath.

For love’s true essence is found in its might,

In the union of hearts that shimmer so bright.

Would you rather be with the one you love, yet can’t keep?

Or settle for a love that leaves your heart asleep?

Choose the flames of passion, the love that’s pure,

And in that choice, find a love that will endure.