in the depths of reflection, I find a connection,

As I gaze upon you, I see my own reflection,

I look at you, and I see myself, it’s true,

For your light mirrors mine, a radiant hue.

In the depths of your being, I discover my own,

A tapestry woven, our souls gently sewn,

Each flicker of your essence, a familiar sight,

I see parts of me in your sole, shining bright.

It’s not in vanity or self-centered glee,

But in a profound unity that sets me free,

For I like you, dear one, because I like me,

Our intertwined spirits dance with joyful glee.

The facets we share, like diamonds gleaming,

In every laugh, every tear, in moments redeeming,

Our journeys entwined, like a celestial dance,

In your presence, I find a harmonious chance.

So let us celebrate this beautiful embrace,

Where grace and self-love find their rightful place,

I look at you and see myself, intertwined,

A tapestry of connection, eternally aligned.

Together we journey, hearts beating as one,

In your presence, dear friend, my soul is undone,

For I like you because I like me, it’s true,

In your light, I find the essence of all I pursue.








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