I’m done, oh, I’m done dating,

Done trying to meet someone new.

The path of love, it’s so frustrating,

I’ve had my fill of anguish, too.

I can’t bear it any longer,

My heart’s grown weary and sore.

I seek solace, a respite to ponder,

For love’s game, I can’t play any longer .

I wish I had a worthy reason,

An explanation for my constant strikeout.

But alas, I find no justifications,

It’s simply me, there’s no doubt.

Most find their other half, it seems,

A perfect match, their souls entwined.

But for me, it’s a world of shattered dreams,

Acceptance dawns, I must remind.

Perhaps my journey diverges from the rest,

A path where no other half awaits.

I’ll wake up, embrace what’s best,

For this heart, maybe love abates.

I’m done, yes, I’m done with the chase,

No longer seeking a missing part.

Contentment shall fill my empty space,

Accepting that love’s not in my chart.

So here I stand, a solo soul,

Unburdened by romantic strife.

Embracing life as a singular whole,

Finding joy in the rhythm of my life

Accepting that there is no other half for me.