In the realm where time unfurls its wings,

A tale of love and beauty sings.

For in this world of fleeting grace,

Eyes hold the light, a timeless embrace.

Fall in love, oh, with those precious eyes,

For hair may turn gray as years arise.

Weight may shift, and teeth may depart,

But the flame within, it won’t depart.

Hearts may shatter, fragile as glass,

But the eyes, they hold memories amassed.

Through the trials of life’s bittersweet dance,

They twinkle with hope and a lasting chance.

As the years dance by, like autumn leaves,

Age may come, and youth may take its leave.

But fear not, for deep in those eyes,

The essence of a soul forever lies.

The light in their eyes, a beacon so bright,

Guiding us through the darkest of night.

In each gaze, a universe found,

A love that’s boundless, forever profound.

And as their journey nears its end,

When shadows creep and time suspends,

The light in their eyes will never fade,

A testament to the love they’ve made.

For when the final breath softly departs,

Their soul, unbroken, forever imparts,

A legacy etched in luminous gleam,

An eternal flame, a timeless dream.

So let us fall, oh, in love’s sweet embrace,

With eyes that shine, defying all space.

For in those windows, a story unfolds,

Of love and beauty that forever holds.