In a world where darkness sometimes prevails,

Where doubts and insecurities leave trails,

There lies a quest, a search so rare,

To find someone who truly cares.

Seek not just a fleeting touch or glance,

But a soul who sees your essence in a trance,

One who looks beyond the surface layer,

To find the beauty dwelling deep and fair.

Find someone who beholds your inner light,

Who cherishes your spirit, shining bright,

For in their eyes, a mirror will unfold,

Reflecting worth that’s worth more than gold.

They’ll embrace your flaws, both big and small,

Knowing imperfections make us stand tall,

In their presence, you’ll feel safe and secure,

For they see your worth, forever pure.

No need to hide behind a mask of pretend,

For they’ll love you as you are, till the end,

They’ll celebrate your victories, big and small,

And lift you up whenever you may fall.

In their arms, you’ll find solace and peace,

Their love for you will never cease,

For they’ve discovered the treasure untold,

The beauty within you, a sight to behold.

So, don’t settle for less than you deserve,

Keep searching, for your heart will serve,

To guide you to that person who’ll adore,

The true reflection of your worth, and more.

For when you find them, your souls will align,

A love so rare, so profound, divine,

Together, you’ll journey through life’s art,

With a love that sees the beauty in your heart.