In life, we often encounter individuals who wield a profound influence over us. These people have the ability to make us feel alive by their mere presence, bringing joy and happiness with a simple gesture. Yet, with the same power, they can also inflict deep pain and despair. Throughout my life, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep my distance from anyone who might hold such control over my emotions. I’ve steered clear of falling in love, fearing the vulnerability it entails, as I never wanted to give someone that much power over my heart.

However, love isn’t always a choice; sometimes, it chooses us. It strikes without warning, turning our world into a chaotic and irrational mess. Since I was a child, I’ve yearned to find that one special person who could make Valentine’s Day truly meaningful, someone I could love with all my heart, and who would reciprocate that love equally. Yet, there are moments when the crushing reality sets in, reminding me that this dream may never become a reality.

Your intermittent silence speaks volumes, echoing the painful truth that I mean nothing to you. It’s a heart-wrenching reality that I can’t escape. The ache in my heart intensifies with each passing day, as I come to terms with the fact that the love I long for may never be mine. It’s a heartbreaking truth that I must confront and accept.