A kiss is never enough when you do it that way. It’s like a tantalizing prelude to a symphony of emotions, leaving me craving more with each stolen moment of connection. The way your lips meet mine ignites a fire within, a spark that lingers long after our lips part. It’s a high unlike any other, a euphoria that courses through my veins, making me feel alive and intoxicated all at once. Your touch is the elixir of life, and its effects are nothing short of magical.

The high I get from your touch lasts for days, an enduring sensation that keeps me floating on a cloud of bliss. It’s as if your fingertips are etched into my skin, leaving an indelible mark of your presence. Even when you’re not near, I can still feel the echo of your caress, a gentle reminder of the passion we share. It’s a sensation that fills my days with warmth and my nights with dreams of you.

I’d stay all night watching you in the bright lights, captivated by your radiant beauty and infectious energy. In your presence, the world fades into the background, and all that matters is the dazzling spectacle of your existence. I can’t help but raise my hands in celebration, a silent tribute to the love that binds us. I yearn for more, for another stolen kiss, another touch, another moment in the spotlight of your affection. Wherever you go, I’m gonna be in the front row, eagerly awaiting the next act in our love story, with my hands up for a little more of your love.