In the place of dreams and fantasies,

Where wonder thrives and hope takes flight,

There lies a magic, elusive yet real,

A treasure hidden from mere mortal sight.

Seek not in potions or mystic charms,

Nor in the stars that grace the night sky,

The magic that you are looking for,

Resides within, waiting to comply.

It dwells within the work you undertake,

In the sweat and toil of each passing day,

For it’s through effort and dedication,

That miracles bloom along life’s hardened way.

Avoiding the path of idle stagnation,

Embrace the challenges that shape your soul,

For in the crucible of determination,

The alchemy of dreams will make you whole.

The magic lies in the seeds you sow,

In the hours spent honing your craft,

With every stroke of brush or pen,

You’ll see the world through a different draught.

It’s in the smiles of those you touch,

The lives you change, the love you share,

For the true enchantment lies not in self,

But in the kindness you’re willing to bear.

So, wander not in realms of mere illusion,

Nor chase the shadows of a fleeting spell,

The magic that you are looking for,

Is in the work, upon it, you must dwell.

Embrace the journey, the ups and downs,

For within the struggle, greatness lies,

And as you tread upon your chosen path,

The magic within you will surely rise.

Unleash the power that lies dormant,

Harness the strength you’ve yet to find,

And let your passion guide your steps,

As you leave an indelible mark behind.

For the magic that you are looking for,

Resides within your very core,

Embrace the work, embrace the truth,

And watch your dreams take flight and soar.