“Reclaiming Worth: A Weekend Escaped”

 a world so fast, where time’s a race,

There lies a haven, a sacred space.

A weekend escaped, to recharge and renew,

A soul so fragile, yet steadfast and true.

Surrounded by those who truly see,

Embrace your essence, your spirit set free.

They feel your presence, they hold you near,

In their loving presence , you’ll find solace here.

For time is a treasure, the highest of all,

A currency priceless, it can rise or fall.

So spend it wisely, with those who care,

With hearts that value you, willing to share.

Feed your soul with laughter and light,

With conversations that ignite the night.

Let their words be a balm, a healing touch,

Reminding you, dear one, you deserve so much.

No more settling for mere crumbs and dust,

You are worthy of love, both gentle and just.

Surround yourself with souls who uplift,

Who celebrate your presence, your every gift.

In this weekend’s embrace, amidst joy and grace,

You find the strength to reclaim your space.

Renewed, you rise, like a phoenix in flight,

Ready to conquer the world, with renewed insight.

So, venture forth, dear soul, with spirits high,

Embrace the truth that within you lies.

A weekend escaped, a moment so rare,

To rediscover your worth, beyond compare.