small (female) child’s brain is filled with fairy tales of princes and princesses meeting and living happily ever after with each other…as the closing scene in a story never accounts for what happens afterwards.  But that isn’t reality, is it? 

Our society brainwashes us to believe that stepping out of a relationship is unnatural and shameful.  The purpose is to maintain stable families and homes for children. But it denies human desire.  

For example: My social media world was abuzz with the cheating scandal of Ms. Stewart.  No matter the publication it was given front page placement.  But I ask you, why?  What makes this type of situation newsworthy? 

This kind of behavior is so human nature common it *is* the norm.  Why kid ourselves?  It is human nature and cannot be de-conditioned by social edict nor by artificial condemnations. A human nature and creating a facade to shield ourselves from this reality is a waste of effort. People construct too many excuses to explain away their natural desire to fornicate. Men explore.  Women explore.  It is in our nature. 

The only reason people find these types of stories remotely interesting is that they wish they could *be* the person who is they wish cheating.  To experience something out of the soul-crushing ordinariness of their lives.  Secondly, the schadenfreude aspect – the delight in another’s misfortune – and how we can, but briefly, feel superior because we have resisted temptation.  Or as an outlet for our emotions…whether that be pity for the victim, anger towards the cheater or a thrill of the details of the rendezvous. 

 Perhaps the shock that Snow White could be wearing crotchless red knickers and thigh-highs under that long frock.  After all, she had seven men hanging around. Sleepy was playing dumb.  Think about that next time you pick out your Halloween costume!