The innocent dreams of childhood, unburdened by the complexities of life, paint a portrait of your purest vision of your future self. Who were you in those days? I embodied the role of a dancer. The seamless union of music and movement, crafting scenes and expressing emotions, drew me irresistibly to the world of dance. As I matured, it became evident that my body had different aspirations, yet my love for motion and form endured.

Various factors like education, societal expectations, and economic realities often divert individuals from their genuine paths. Must we extinguish many of our dreams on the path to societal integration? During my high school years, the art of photography entered my life and kindled an immense passion within me. My evolving sense of composition and sophistication led me to envision a future as a National Geographic nature photographer. The idea of embarking on adventures in foreign lands, immersed in diverse cultures, was exhilarating.

In college, I delved into film production. A culminating project demanded that we create an independent short film from scratch – from scripting to filming to post-production. The film was then screened for an audience whose response shaped our grade. Weeks were invested in meticulous work: scouting subjects, orchestrating scenes, refining dialogue. Ultimately, both the audience and I were thrilled with the outcome. It was here that I found my medium – capturing images within their contextual narrative.Without the demand to undertake this project, the realization of my capabilities would have eluded me. The confidence fostered by this endeavor, along with similar undertakings, empowered me to tackle progressively larger challenges.

Does the fear of attempting something new hinder the pursuit of our dreams? The internal taskmaster that prioritizes our pursuits must make space for dreams, allocating time for their fulfillment. This practice is essential for both well-being and happiness.With each photograph, I am breathing life into my dream. While I may not be photographing Africa, I am continually exploring my passion.So, I ask you:

What is your dream?