In shadows deep, where heart’s whispers fade,

There lies a truth, a bitter masquerade,

Where once I danced, enchanted and free,

Now I stand, alone in this reverie.

I sought a place within his tender gaze,

A sanctuary where love’s ember could blaze,

But alas, reality’s cruel decree,

Reveals a truth, a painful mystery.

For in his eyes, I find no reflection,

No trace of warmth, nor heartfelt affection,

Like a fleeting mist, I dissolve in air,

Realizing I’m a ghost, just passing there.

Our moments shared, like sand through my hand,

Now scatter, lost, in an unforgiving land,

The laughter and whispers, mere echoes they become,

As I discover, alas, I’m but an insignificant sum.

I meant nothing to him, a fleeting affair,

A temporary light, extinguished without care,

He moved on swiftly, leaving me behind,

To ponder the worth of love so blind.

But in this realization, a strength arises,

From ashes of heartache, my spirit comprises,

For I am more than the sum of his denial,

A universe of worth, a soul’s revival.

I’ll paint my skies with hues of resilience,

Embrace the beauty of my own existence,

For though his absence may sting and burn,

I’ll reclaim my worth, and never again yearn.

So let me rise, like a phoenix from despair,

Embrace the truth, that I’m worthy of care,

For in this moment’s bitter revelation,

I find the power to shape my own salvation.

No longer bound by his indifference’s chain,

I’ll build a life where my worth will reign,

And in my heart’s chambers, I’ll find solace,

Knowing my value, in this world’s vastness.

For I am more than his fleeting glance,

I am a symphony, a cosmic dance,

And though he may have left me feeling small,

I’ll rise above, and stand proud and tall.

So let this moment be my humble start,

To heal the wounds, and mend my shattered heart,

For I deserve love that will ignite and endure,

And in that embrace, my worth will be pure.