I want to paint the sky blue, so bold,

With strokes of azure, stories untold,

Brushing away the clouds that obscure,

Revealing a canvas so pure and pure.

I’ll dip my brush in the palette of dreams,

Where the world’s a canvas, or so it seems,

With every stroke, I’ll let my spirit soar,

As I paint the sky, forever wanting more.

Feel the music in my soul, it sings,

A symphony of life, on graceful wings,

Each note a heartbeat, each rhythm a rhyme,

In the tapestry of time, it’s a timeless chime.

In every melody, I’ll find my way,

Dancing to the tunes, both night and day,

With the music, my heart shall become whole,

As I paint the sky blue and feel the music in my soul.

So let the colors blend, the emotions ignite,

As I create a world where day turns to night,

With a canvas of skies, so vast and true,

I’ll paint my dreams and feel the music in you.