Getting married at a young age with the intention of getting divorced and finding happiness in your 30s is not a recommended approach to building a fulfilling life. While it’s true that some people do find happiness after divorce, it’s important to remember that marriage is a commitment meant to be taken seriously.

Marriage is a significant milestone in life that requires careful consideration and maturity. It involves a deep level of commitment to another person, as well as a willingness to work through challenges and grow together. Rushing into marriage with the expectation of divorce undermines the sanctity of marriage and can lead to unnecessary pain and heartache for both parties involved.

Instead of seeking divorce as a means to find happiness later in life, it is more advisable to focus on personal growth, self-discovery, and building strong foundations for a lasting relationship. This can involve taking the time to understand oneself, establishing clear goals and aspirations, and developing healthy communication and conflict resolution skills.

It’s worth noting that divorce is not an easy or painless process. It can have long-lasting emotional, financial, and social consequences for all parties involved, including any children. While divorce can sometimes be the best option in certain circumstances, it should never be pursued as a goal in and of itself.

Ultimately, the goal should be to cultivate a healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationship, whether that is achieved through marriage or in other ways. It’s important to approach marriage with the intention of building a strong and lasting bond, rather than viewing it as a stepping stone to future happiness through divorce.