Don’t comfort me with lies, my dear,

For falsehoods only deepen fear.

I’d rather face the bitter blow,

Than live within a web of woe.

Speak truth, though it may sting my soul,

Let honesty’s waves crash and roll.

For in the tempest, I shall find,

The strength to heal a wounded mind.

Don’t shield me with a false embrace,

A mask that hides the lines of grace.

I’d rather taste the bitter pill,

Than drown in dreams that time won’t fulfill.

Unveil the rawness of your voice,

Let truth become our saving choice.

For in the depths of honesty,

We’ll forge a bond that’s meant to be.

So don’t console me with deceit,

For truth alone brings life’s heartbeat.

I’d rather feel the painful throes,

Than be entangled in falsehood’s throes.

Embrace the honesty we need,

To plant the seeds of trust and breed,

A love that’s built on solid ground,

With truth as our foundation, profound.

Don’t comfort me with lies untrue,

For they will only break and bruise.

I’d rather bear the harshest truth,

Than dwell in shadows, blind and aloof.

Let honesty be our guiding light,

A beacon in the darkest night.

For in the truth, we’ll surely see,

A love that’s boundless, wild, and free.