The Heart Thar’s Meant To Love You

In the depths of a soul that’s true, Lies the heart that’s meant to love you. It fights for you when you want to give up, Picks you up when you’re feeling down, a sweet cup. A smile it gives when yours is hard to find, A beacon of love, […]

Dancing On My Own

In the rhythm of life, I find my stride, Dancing frees my soul, where emotions abide. A graceful waltz, a passionate jive, In each step I take, my spirit thrives. The music guides me, a symphony so sweet, As I move to the beat, my heart skips a beat. Lost […]

The Sum Of Me

In the tapestry of life, I stand tall,   Defined by choices, not by where I fall.   Not my circumstances, but decisions I make,   Shape my destiny, with each step I take.   Through trials and tribulations, I find my way,   Embracing challenges, come what may.   For in the crucible of time, […]

Will You Let Me Hold Your Heart

Will you let me hold your heart, Even just a small part, A fragment of your love so true, To keep close, cherished and new? Let me hold a piece so small, Yet it would mean the world in all, A token of trust, a precious shard, A glimpse of […]

It Does Not Take Courage to Fall In Love

It does not take courage to fall in love, For love’s sweet call descends from above, It’s in the saying “yes” where bravery lies, Embracing love beneath the boundless skies. To open one’s heart, to let love in, To allow a new chapter to begin, Requires a courage, strong and […]

Boundless Love

Love is unconditional, a boundless sea, A force that’s timeless, wild, and free, But relationships, they ebb and flow, Navigating tides as they come and go. In love, we find a pure, unyielding light, A beacon that guides us through the night, Yet relationships, like ships at sea, Must weather […]

When Two Souls Were Meant to Meet

When two souls were meant to meet,They are connected by an invisible thread,A bond that’s felt, yet hard to see,Entwining their fates, by destiny led. It’s a force that draws them close,Guiding their steps, though they may not know,Through life’s winding paths it flows,Uniting their hearts with an unspoken glow. […]

When You Feel Lost

When you feel lost and you don’t know where to turn, Turn to me, for I will be your guiding lantern, brightly burn. My arms are open, ready to embrace your weary soul, With a hand to hold, together we’ll make broken pieces whole. In moments when darkness clouds your […]

Empty Seats and Open Hearts

Stop holding seats in your life for people who won’t show up, For those who bring you sorrow, instead of filling your cup. Don’t let their absence linger, like a shadow in the night, Release the empty spaces, let your world be filled with light. Each seat you’re holding onto, […]

Boundless Love: Navigating Life’s Cosmos

In the face of stormy skies, I won’t give up My love will endure, when the going gets tough Every ounce of my being, I offer to you With unwavering hope, I keep looking up When you need your space to find your way I’ll stand by, understanding, every single […]