Life unfolds in a specific sequence: first, there’s the state of being, followed by actions taken, resulting in possessions and experiences. This natural progression defines how life typically unfolds. However, a common issue arises when people reverse this order, striving to possess something before truly embodying it.

When you prioritize possession over being and doing, you set yourself up for inevitable suffering. Even if your intentions are noble, this reversal of life’s order often leads to hardship. Have you ever noticed that individuals with the best intentions often seem to suffer more than those with less honorable motives? This happens because you’re attempting to navigate life in an inverted manner, which rarely succeeds.

To find fulfillment, it’s essential to embrace the conventional flow of life: first, cultivate yourself in a certain way, aligning with your goals and values. As a result, you’ll naturally attract the desired possessions and experiences. This alignment ensures that the right things happen as a consequence of who you’ve become.