I would never resort to pleading for anything. Ultimately, my deepest desire is to witness your happiness. While I can certainly express my affection and demonstrate how much I yearn to be by your side, it’s crucial that this feeling is mutual. If you share the same sentiment, that’s wonderful, but if not, I wholeheartedly understand and respect your decision. What truly matters to me is your well-being and contentment, and I long to see a perpetual, radiant smile grace your face.

My utmost aspiration is for you to experience unbridled freedom, unhindered by anyone or anything, and to flourish in all your endeavors, achieving every dream you’ve ever harbored. If I’m not the one to accompany you on this journey, that’s absolutely fine; at least we made the effort. As for any concerns you might have about me, rest assured, I’ll be just fine. I’m driven and committed to realizing all my aspirations in life. Admittedly, I had hoped that you would be a part of that journey with me, but only if it was your genuine desire.

Even if we are apart, my love for you will endure, and I’ll stand by your side in any way I can. I firmly believe in your ability to succeed and thrive. I’m genuinely proud of you, and you have my unwavering love and respect, now and always.