Heading to the Melange Fashion Show for an evening of style and socializing. Amidst the bustling crowd, each person weaving their narrative, there’s a symphony of relentless self-promotion and attention-grabbing. While I recognize the importance of these social maneuvers and understand the need to adapt to some extent, it’s not my natural disposition. I’d prefer to let my work speak for me. But for those seeking a deeper understanding of who I am, I offer this unique self-description, a one-time-only glimpse into my essence:

My facial skin bears nicks and imperfections, far from flawless – and that’s perfectly fine. I’ve long outgrown my youthful years. My eyes crinkle at the corners, testament to the hours spent studying others and making decisions that life presented. My forehead showcases creases, each one earned by my four children who’ve gifted me endless laughter, joy, and, if I’m honest, their fair share of frustration and stress.

At 5’2″ in height, I’m no runway model; perhaps, – maybe I’m a long shot to be a ‘role’ one. I find profound inspiration in the human spirit and the selfless acts of those who help strangers. I’m not one to pester with messages, believing that if you haven’t replied, there’s a message in that silence. In restaurants, I order through the waiter, but my attention is equally drawn to the busboy’s journey.

I introduce myself to the garbage collectors outside my home and ensure they receive Christmas tips. I never forget the housekeeper who changes my hotel sheets; I take care of her too. (Trust me, it’s in your best interest not to skimp on tips – your toothbrush will thank you on day two!) Humility is my most cherished trait in others, while grandiosity and ego are my least favorite. No need to recite your resume or flaunt your possessions. In silence, you often achieve more for yourself and the world we live in.

The measure of my life’s success won’t be found in my bank account or the size of my abode. It lies in the depth and character of the family and friends who gather to pay their respects during my final days or at my funeral. If you spot exceptional individuals in attendance, then perhaps I was decent too. I hold my friends close to my heart and cherish their presence; they’re a constant source of laughter. Though my circle of close friends is small, I hold them in high regard and am profoundly grateful for their presence in my life.

I have a sister named Olga, now 40, who, like any other healthy infant, began life innocently but suffered an unfortunate accident that left her with lifelong brain damage, limiting her capacity to retain knowledge. Yet, she has imparted more wisdom about love, life, and treating others than any Rhodes scholar ever could.

My other sister enjoys great success, blessed with a loving husband and three young children.

My brother is also thriving, married to a remarkably affectionate wife, with four children whom I have yet to meet. Funny how life’s path can separate those who were once inseparable as children.

I have another brother, who hasn’t tasted the same level of success in both his career and personal life.

Marriage has been a chapter in my life, but it wasn’t meant to be a lifelong story, nor do I foresee it in my future. I suspect I wasn’t born with the “marriage” gene. I revel in the joy of parties without needing the crutch of alcohol or drugs to elevate the experience. Dancing, laughter, and, above all, expressing my creativity through images and words are my true passions.