Solitude’s Crown

In the realm where dreams take flight,

Where passions burn, where hopes ignite,

My heart is set on you, my dear,

A love unyielding, crystal clear.

But alas, the field of life’s grand game,

Where talents rise and fortunes claim,

I find myself amidst the fray,

Yearning for a chance to play.

The team is formed, the choices made,

Selected few in accolades parade,

Yet here I stand, the bench my friend,

A spectator to a bitter end.

No glory’s touch, no victory’s thrill,

Just solitude upon this hill,

For I don’t want no one else,

My heart exclusive, no one else.

But if you don’t desire my touch,

If my presence doesn’t mean that much,

I’ll take my place, all on my own,

In solitude, I’ll find my home.

For making the team, an empty prize,

When passion fades and joy denies,

No fun it brings, no smiles it lends,

When better players find their ends.

So I’ll embrace the loneliness,

And cherish dreams within my chest,

For though I yearn to share my heart,

I’ll find solace in my own sweet art.

And if you don’t want me in the fray,

I’ll paint my world in shades of gray,

With words that dance upon the page,

I’ll find my solace, my solace’s cage.

Thus, the bench becomes my throne,

A realm where dreams are truly known,

For even if I dwell alone,

My heart’s desire remains my own.