In this world  where love’s flames dance and twirl,

Let’s weave a verse, a poetic pearl.

For in these words, a truth we’ll find,

To nurture love with an open mind.

Normalize, dear hearts, a sacred creed,

To care for him, as you’d wish indeed.

For love’s embrace, a tender symphony,

Requires balance, reciprocity.

Mentally, let the tendrils entwine,

Support his dreams, his thoughts align.

Embrace his passions, ignite his fire,

In nourishing dialogue, let love transpire.

Spiritually, let your souls take flight,

Together, seek the realm of light.

Hold sacred space, where faith does dwell,

And in divine connection, love will swell.

Emotionally, be a gentle balm,

In joy and sorrow, be his calm.

For hearts are tender, easily bruised,

With empathy and love, they’re infused.

Physically, let passion’s fires ignite,

In tender touch, set the world alight.

With tender caresses, bodies entwined,

Let love’s ecstasy be forever signed.

Normalize, dear souls, this sacred vow,

To care for him, starting here and now.

For love’s true essence is a shared embrace,

And in giving, we find boundless grace.

So let us write upon love’s sacred scroll,

A verse that echoes from soul to soul.

Normalize caring, in every hue,

And watch love flourish, vibrant and true.