Cupid Begone February 14th will soon be here.  Once each year we take a day to reflect on the meaning and value of Love.  The poster boy for that cause is Cupid. 

Growing up as the son of a love goddess (Venus) was probably difficult for him.  One could never know who would come calling, but one could be certain that whoever it was, they had an eye for mom.  Thus the bow and arrows.  Laying in wait behind some garden hedges and sinking a shaft into a prospective suitor’s behind before he could ever get to the temple would assure that his mother’s attentions would not be divided between him and some stranger….at least for a while. 

 A constant stream of new boyfriends isn’t a nurturing environment for a young boy, so it is no wonder he started acting out.  You’ve seen the result – couples madly in love then divorced two years later.  Two opposites who thought they were meant for one another.  We picture the naughty cherub laughing.  He gave up trying to match people up ages ago.  Now it’s just random impalements followed by the hushed whispers of girlfriends who wonder how you ever found your current beau. 

But let’s not dwell on youth delinquency.  Valentine’s Day isn’t about the pick-up.  This is a day for those already in love.  We celebrate a day where we consider how love has merged two individuals into a working whole…and yes, the low-level passion that exists between the bonded mates. 

In the modern ritual, we divide this day into two parts: The spoken and the physical.  A romantic dinner and conversation speaks to the mind and refreshes the pathways of attraction.  If sufficiently moving (and accompanied by appropriate tactile and visual cues), the couple may transition into the more libidinous-based portion of the evening. I offer the following links for the thoughtful.  High quality lingerie is both visual and tactile.  It also acts to conceal – at least for a short time – the object of desire…which prolongs the period of elevated passion. 

I argue for early planning and refined execution.  Ignore those who would turn Valentine’s Day into another Halloween but with dinner.  Cherish what you have. 

  Happy shopping…and happy Valentine’s Day!